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What we do in CPAAA

Some of the many ways that we work and play in our organization

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Road to the Horse.JPG

Chili Cook-off

This is an annual event that we set up to thank the officers, their families, and other non-sworn members of the LPD by providing a chili supper for all. This party includes food, prizes, games for the kids, and a good time for all.

The Road to the Horse

This is one of our big fundraisers of the year.  We get paid to assist with parking, security, and many other jobs around this annual event.  We are able to attend the show on the days that we work and the money that we make goes to support a very worthy cause, backing the blue of the LPD.

The Land Rover 3 Day Event

Another great fundraiser for the CPAAA.  We drive golf carts at this event to help people get from one program to the next in this huge venue.  People come from all over the world to attend this show. You never know who you are going to be carrying in your cart, and we are getting paid for this!

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4th of July Parade.JPG
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Annual Christmas Auction

This annual fundraiser is always a labor of love for the CPAAA members.  We solicit items, such as gift cards, household products, tools, handmade heirlooms, from local businesses and craftspeople to be auctioned at the annual Christmas Banquet.  It is always a lot of fun and you can always find something to go home with.

Fourth of July Parade

What better time than the Fourth of July Annual Parade to show off our pride in our organization, our police force, and our city.  Always a good time with good friends.

Officer of the Month

Every month, one of our officers is voted by his peers to be the officer of the month.  The CPAAA membership gets to hear his story on how he or she got here and what they do to deserve the praise of their fellow officers.  The CPAAA likes to do it up right and this recognition becomes part of the officer's permanent record with the police department.

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Benefit Cookouts

The officers of  the LPD are the kind of people that like to give back to the area in which they serve and the CPAAA likes to be there as well.  This is one of the cookouts that we support to get our neighbors to know our officers so we can work together to keep our city safe.  This is a great opportunity to meet a lot of new people and let them know what we do.

The Annual Police Awards Banquet

Every year, members of the CPAAA are invited to attend the annual Lexington Police Awards Banquet.  We give a couple of awards at this event, the Ro Tyson, the Debbie Wagner Spirit Award, and the Tony Bartley Distinguished Service Award.  The evening is always a good time and an opportunity to hear some of the heroic things that have been done by both officers and ordinary folks like us.

                                                     BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF SOME OF THE CPAAA VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES

                                 Volunteers are needed to direct vehicles to parking areas @ the KY Horse Park


                  APRIL  -  3-DAY EVENT *
                                 Driving golf carts for the attendees/participants from one location to another @ the KY Hose Park


                     MAY  -  TASTE OF MEXICO or ITALY
                                 Dinner for ALL shifts/sectors and their families at the Police Gym-West Sector Decorate the gym, set up food tables, serve the

                                 food/clean up.

                   JULY  -  4TH OF JULY MEALS & PARADE
                                Provide and/or serve meals to officers while they are on duty during the parade. Decorate a vehicle and march in the parade

                                representing the CPAAA

                                Invite entrants to show their vehicles for awards and have LPD equipment present. Volunteers needed for registration, auction,

                                food service.

                                Work the doors and all areas of the arena for the LPD Mounted Unit


                               Dinner for ALL shifts/sectors and their families at the Police Gym-West Sector, Officers & civilian who want can compete for the

                               best chili with cash prizes. Decorate the gym, set up food tables, serve the food/clean up.

                               Assist the police helping needy families in selecting clothing/toys etc.


                               Solicit donations for the auction, set up tables/items/provide desserts/take down. This is in conjunction with the Police Holiday

                               Dinner at the Keeneland Barn.

                               In conjunction with the start of a new officer recruit class & it's completion. At graduation or family night, we welcome the recruits

                                and their families, introduce them to CPA, show our support and serve snacks.

                             - JOINT ROLL CALL - REQUESTED BY THE CHIEF OF POLICE
                               Provide snacks & hospitality to officers & command staff @ BCTC for all shifts & sectors. 6am - 4pm - 10 pm, as scheduled


                             -  APPRECIATION DRIVE-THRU
                               At a chosen Sector Headquarters, we provide snacks/drinks for any officer who stops by.


* This event is a fundraiser with money going back to support the Lexington Police Department

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